Foxfield Stable Therapeutic Riding Program

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What happens to race horses after they are retired?  Many of us love horses, they are beautiful and majestic creatures.  We enjoy the privilege of riding them and watching them race but have you ever wonder what happens to horses after they are retired from racing or are no longer considered useful to their owners?

It is not common knowledge that in many cases thousands of horses every year are sold to slaughterhouses for meat.  The sad fate that awaits them and the methods used to kill horses rarely result in quick and painless deaths. 

We are collaborating with Foxfield Stable to raise funds to rescue and save these magnificent horses as part of our "Giving Back" program.

Foxfield Stable in Campbellville, Ontario is owned and operated by Lindsey Palo, a second generation lifelong equestrian. Lindsey offers top notch care for each and every one of her equine - tailored feed programs, customized turnout, and most importantly a safe, clean and tranquil stable for the horses enjoyment.

Lindsey's love and passion for horses drives her determination to help save and rescue as many as possible being sold for meat.  Foxfield Stable is a safe sanctuary for these horses, providing ongoing maintenance is not an easy task.

Foxfield Stable offers Therapeutic Programs for people with ASD, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and more.

MusezzCanada would like to thank you for your ongoing support making it possible for us to contribute to Lindsey's efforts in making a difference!

Come and meet some of the wonderful horses at Foxfield!

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